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Building Automation: Tecno Service

Tecno Service: Efficiency and Comfort

Tecno Service Software includes the following services:

Light Control and Regulation UP

Lighting is controlled via the computer: by simply pressing the touch screen in correspondence of a light scenario, the user can control all the lights in a determined environment.

AC Control UP

AC regulation is a mandatory need to reduce energy costs. A rational and cost-effective control is necessary. Tecno Service represents a powerful solution that can be activated only when needed, eliminating any wastes and providing the users with the maximum comfort.
In an office, an optimal temperature can be set when rooms are occupied, while a low temperature can be set when they are empty. Also, the presence of personnel can be automatically detected and time ranges can be set up at daily and weekly levels.

Access Control UP

This important service guarantees a maximum level of security in particular environments, such as computer rooms, hotel food stock rooms, garages, or in large environments open to public, such as hotels with congress rooms, companies with massive access of personnel and visitors, etc.
Using Altecon's building automation solutions and the proximity cards, transits and stay durations of people in sensible environments can be controlled and documented.

Heat Station Management
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Heat Station Management UP

This is an important service of the automation that improves the comfort and efficiency of the air-conditioning system, and reduces the relevant costs. The heat station includes heat generators, pumps, electrical panels, temperature measurement tools, and environmental controls. In particular,
Tecno Service:

Alarm and Security Management UP

This service has been designed to increase the level of security of the plant. Sensible transits are controlled, such as security exits, and particular windows whose opening in particular situations must be reported.

L'interfaccia Tecno Service per il controllo ed il comando delle luci
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Programmability UP

All the devices - lights, timers, twilight detectors, thermostats, alarms sensors, ... - can be programmed on site using the easiest tools provided by modern computers.

Electrical Panels Remote Control UP

This service of the automation is designed to remotely control the electrical panels, via a computer or a control console, and to report any faults, such as protection intervention. The control via computer is very useful because:

Maintenance Operations Check UP

The operations of maintenance on the technological plants are vital for the plant itself, and Tecno Service can be appropriately programmed to:

Power Consumption UP

Consumptions are optimised by avoiding wastes and controlling the power peaks to avoid going past the power thresholds that result in a cost increase. To this purpose, Tecno Service detects the consumptions that can be temporarily reduced or interrupted, and automatically intervenes, e.g. by decreasing the dimmered lights, by moving the temperature threshold by 1° C, etc. Once back in the standard operative situation, Tecno Service resets all the parameters.

Reporting UP

Tecno Service documents operations and activities:

A help service is provided by the software, to help the not technically competent personnel to manage a fault report.
Informations given by computer are: