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Altecon presents Smart Web Hotel,
the most complete solution for the Hotel Automation

Benefits of the Hotel Automation

In the hospitality industry, the automation allows the user to combine the economy coming from a more accurate management of the energy resources with many other advantages.
First of all, the security, which results in a greater attention towards the hotel guest and greater hotel manager's confidence.
In addition, the situation is maintained under control at all times while the system is responsible of the energy saving, access control, lights, and the alarms; this makes the structure more organized and the efficiency increased.
Thanks to these possibilities, the image of the hotel benefits from the advantages given by the Hotel Automation.

Smart Web Hotel

Modularity is one of the peculiarities of Altecon's products and the Smart Web Hotel system takes full advantage from it to provide the guest with a customized solution to meet all his needs.
The main module is the Service Hotel Software that allows to configure the system and perform such operations as and check-out. Further, the module is able to interface all the hotel accounting packages.
Additional modules provide services dedicated to specific needs, able to increase the efficiency of the hotel functions while simplifying the room and staff management, and advanced services to meet the most exigent hotels guests:

Service Hotel structure

Integration with the Building Automation

When complex structures include important services such as meeting rooms, thermic technological plants, or external environments illumination, Smart Web Hotel can be integrated with the Tecno Service System, Altecon's solution dedicated to Building Automation. By using the same IP communication Bus and interfacing the same devices, a complete and flexible solution results in a great economic saving.