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Building Automation and Technological Plants:
Tecno Service System

Implementing a building automation solution means meeting a wide range of needs while providing all appropriate services to the user. Needs vary from the illuminating engineering to the remote control of the electrical panels, up to the access control. Altecon's Tecno Service meets all these needs.

Tecno Service is a distributed control system, consisting of different modules, supervised by the Tecno Service Software. This software can process the information coming from the different connected devices and can coordinate the different operations planned for the plant.

Tecno Service Software provides a wide range of automation services, including:

Lighting Bus Manager

Turning on and off, and timing a great number of lights are complex and expensive operations, if done with traditional methods. Lighting Bus Manager has been designed to meet the user's needs of efficiency and economy.

Web and Building Automation

Altecon developed Active Web Office, an application residing on the IP Central Unit and able to manage the lights and AC, and to check the status of devices, accesses and alarms. These operations are performed by accessing the IOIP Central Unit via a browser.

Building Automation by Altecon