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Xedat Hotel

Xedat Hotel is an additional module for the Xedat Software. Xedat Hotel's functions have been developed with the purpose of allowing an easy and dynamic consultation of data by the hotel staff.


Xedat Hotel includes a room visualization interface (the extensions associated to rooms). Each room is graphically represented with different colors according to the room condition: free, occupied or if messages or alarms are present.
The count of the calls made in a room is calculated in a span of time between the check-in and the check-out operations. If any call is made outside that span of time, Xedat Hotel launches an alarm, signalling the possibile situation of an incorrect check-in operation or a fraudulent action (if a call is made in a not-sold room).

Xedat Hotel - hotels management module

Xedat Hotel - hotels management module

Additional features includes:

Xedat Hotel - room billing management

Xedat Hotel - room billing management

Xedat in the Hotel automation

Interoperability is one of the characteristics of Altecon's automation solutions. Xedat System is not different and for this purpose has been developed the Xedat Hotel module, allowing Xedat System to coexist and collaborate with the Service Hotel System. This feature allows it to retrieve the telephone billing data calculated by Xedat Hotel and use them for room accounting operations. Moreover, the Service Hotel Software can communicate to Xedat Hotel the status of a room, automatizing the operations of check-in and check-out.