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Focus on the IP Central Unit

The IP Central Unit is the heart of Altecon's building and hotel automation solutions. It is able to manage advanced services such as internet access in the room and the interaction with smartphones and tablets, and basic services like inputs, 220V and dimmered outputs.

6 modules IP Central Unit

6 modules IP Central Unit

Basic Services

Different formats for every need

Depending on the functionalities needed, three IP Central Unit types can be installed:

The first four inputs in each IP Central Unit version can support up to four buttons thanks to the dedicated command board.

Communications with internal devices

The internal architecture of an office or room is modular, hence it can be configured as needed, adding or removing devices until reaching the desired performance. The Room BUS provides the communication and it can support a wide range of different devices, such as card readers (door opener, card-holder, stand alone), thermostats (LED, LCD, Yalos Touch), temperature probe, "Slave" IP Central Unit.

Wireless module

The IP Central Unit can house in an optional yet necessary module to communicate with room or office wireless devices, such as the Wireless Window Contact.

9 modules IP Central Unit I/O scheme

9 modules IP Central Unit I/O scheme

Advanced Services

The IP Central Unit has an embedded web server. It hosts the Active Web Room, the inferface which allows the hotel's customer to interact with AC control and lighting in his room by smartphones and tablets.
Active Web Office is the corresponding service dedicated to the building automation and it is resident in the IP Central Unit too.

Building and Hotel automation softwares, Service Hotel and Tecno Service , dialog with the IP Central Unit through the IP BUS, sending information about climate and lighting management. The IP Central Unit keeps Softwares constantly updated about rooms or offices in every detail such us accesses, customer status, current temperature, etc.

The IP Central Unit provides the room with Internet Access. This service reaches the room by the IP BUS, and then it is made available to the customer through the second LAN port on the IP Central Unit.
The Internet Service provided by the BUS IP is safer and more reliable than the wireless one. The IP Central Unit performs gateway and firewall functions, denying access to the automation net to the customer.

Finally, the IP Central Unit allows to use the traditional telephones in the room separating the appropriate lines in the IP BUS.

Configurator and Technical Specs

In order to evaluate the IP Central Unit configuration options, we create a simple Configurator able to represent the cabling of the IP Central Unit and its internal nodes.
Technical specs of the most common configurations are available.