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Smart Web Hotel: hotel room concept

Hotel room managed by an IP Central Unit with embedded Web server and wireless sensors

Altecon Smart Web Hotel allows to manage and control every aspect of an hotel room automation.
The services provided fall within two categories:

  • functions dedicated to the Guest of the hotel;
  • functions dedicated to the Management of the building.

Smart Web Hotel concept - Wireless hotel automation

Smart Web Hotel - hotel room concept with wireless hotel automation services

Services for the Guest

Making the accommodation of the Guest more comfortable and interactive is the objective of the services dedicated to the room automation. These services go beyond the simple management of lighting and air conditioning, making the Guest experience pleasing and original. This objective is mainly reached by innovating the modalities with whom he or she interacts with the building automation services.

Controlling the room with Wi-Fi mobile devices

Active Web Room

Making more interactive the control of the hotel automation services through the use of his or her PC, Smart phone or tablet is the task of Active Web Room.

Active Web Room provides a quick and intuitive access to lighting and climate controls. It's also able to show additional information such as the menu of the day, hotel services and agreements with restaurants and shops, local transportation, shows and events and other information at discretion of the hotel management.

Active Web Room is compatible with any mobile device or PC equipped with a browser and Wi-Fi connection. It has a double-View Mode: the first, wider, suitable for tablets and PCs and the second mode, narrower, thought to be used on smart phones. The View Mode can be switched any time and at the discretion of the service user.
Active Web Room supports different languages, by default Italian and English, but they can be expanded as needed.
More information about Active Web Room are available at the page dedicated to this service.

Services dedicated to the structure management

Hotel automation services realized with Smart Web Hotel can use wireless room devices and nodes, which do not require a wired communication bus or power line. These wireless devices have many advantages to whom are added up the management and control services realized by Altecon automation products:

  • easier wiring of light spots;
  • absence of wired controls for lighting and shutters;
  • real-time monitoring of the room by the Service Hotel software;
  • ability to manage alarms, mini-bar and room status (such as signal a room to rearrange) thanks to Web Room Service;
  • POS service which can be integrated with third-party billing software.

Wiring simplification

The simplification of the room wiring makes the electrical system design easier and also creates a real saving in terms of material and manpower. Wireless devices are therefore a valid solution in case of renovations or in buildings not originally designed to host an automation system.

Services for the hotel staff: Web Room Service

Web Room Service

Web Room Service is an application available for tablets and smart phones with OS Android on board. It has been specifically realized to speed up the routinely tasks of the hotel staff.
Web Room Service can show the status of every room ("free", "occupied", "rearrange", etc), informing the waitress on where the staff intervention is requested. It also allows to manage the mini-bar content, communicating which food or drink have been taken by the Guest. These data can also be automatically forwarded to the reception and added to the Guest's bill.
Web Room Service can also signal alarms and technical problems to the reception, where they are managed (or can be automatically forwarded to a proper destination).
More information about this service are available at this page.

Energy saving

Building and hotel automation services can realize a real energy saving by intervening both on lighting and climate management:

  • electric power is provided to the room only at the opening of the door and is maintained while the Guest stays in the room. When he or she leaves, the electric power is interrupted, turning off any light remained on;
  • different temperature set points are defined depending on the status of the room;
  • climate control is disabled at the opening of the windows;
  • blinds are automatically displaced during the warmest hours of the day, if the Guest is not occupying the room.

IP Central Unit

IP Central Unit

Placed into the room switchboard, the IP Central Unit has several functions:

  • web server dedicated to Active Web Room service;
  • interface for wireless devices;
  • control and measurement of the energy consumption;
  • allows Audio and Video interfacing (DLNA);
  • is linked to the building bus by the IP bus (1 UPT cable) which provides the room with:
    • automation services;
    • internet access through LAN plug;
    • VOIP or analogical telephony service;
    • power supply to wired nodes (POE).
  • each input and output can be configured, making possible the creation of scenery or commanding single light spot.

An in-depth article about the functions and the features of the IP Central Unit is available here.